Fruit Shaped Notes Pads

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The fun and creative fruit sticker pads for your sketches and notes you have been looking for! These fruit design note pads feature 140 pages that can be folded together to form a 3D fruit. Perfect for decorations! The note pads are usable for any color or grayscale marker and are usable as a sketchbook and notebook. Any pencil or pen can be used sufficiently. Give your notes a creative and stylish feeling.

  • Fruit Sticker Pads
  • Material: Paper / Folds to a 3D fruit
  • Style: Watermelon, Peach, Pear, Red Apple, Green Apple
  • Diameter * Height * Thick: 9*10*1.5cm
  • Quantity: About 140 pages
  • Package includes 1pc fruit memo pad

Fruit Design: Watermelon, Peach, Pear, Red Apple, Green Apple


Memo Pads


Rounds up to a 3D fruit


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