Mixed Stainless Steel Spatula Set

746 in stock


746 in stock


This set of 5pcs palette knifes / painting spatulas from BGLN are great for artists of any skill level. The spatulas can be used with many types of paint, acrylic, ceramics, pottery, arts & crafts, model / hobbyist painting, fabric painting, decoration, and more. Use them for applying ink or paint to any surface.

  • A set of 5pcs palette knives
  • Great for working with oil paints on canvas or palette
  • Spread paint quickly and evenly
  • They are used for mixing paint colors and paste, or for marbling, decorative details, etc
  • With wooden handles, light and easy to grab
  • Material: Stainless steel (blade) and wooden (handle)
  • Handle Color: Reddish brown
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